Friendly co-working spaces for Portland business owners

Are you an entrepreneur that works for hours by yourself or with your family?  Do you know that you perform better when you have colleagues nearby or just someone to bounce your ideas off of? Struggling with laundry/dishes, etc and childcare, and/or distracted to watch the latest Netflix show when you should be finishing up your client’s project or launch some marketing promos?

You are so not alone! “Co-working” is a newer term that has popped up over the last decade and means “a style of work that involves a shared working environment, often an office, and independent activity.

Living in Portland, Oregon, we are so lucky to have some amazing options, here’s a few that I think are in for the long haul and stand out from the rest.


Located on 22d and NE Sandy, Hatch is a collection of co-working spaces, conferences, and offices. hatch

But Hatch is so much more than co-working and office space, it is really Hatch Innovation, a 501(c)(3) social enterprise with initiatives are split into three categories:

1. Resources and guidance to get social entrepreneurs through the launch process – Hatch Purpose
2. A place and community in which ideas for a better world can be tested – Hatch Lab
3. A way for people doing good to access the right kinds of capital – Hatch Capital

Hatch makes it very realistic to have an office space of your own, with some unique options, you can have a workspace for as low as $95/mo (that’s 5 weekdays a month) or you can have 27/4 access for $275/mo and many more services. Here’s just a sampling of what their member benefits (Check out the photos of the spaces. )

  •  Membership in the Hatch community, a group of like-minded peers and experts
  •  Access to daily Parts Department workshops to help you grow your enterprise
  • Multiple places to work including couches, tables, bars… even a hanging chair in The Cabin
  • Two private cell phone booths for phone calls ( I really like this idea)
  • Meeting spaces
  • Large conference room/Classroom (restrictions apply)
  • Priority for event space rental (up to 180 people)
  • Access to a community of doers, achievers, and early adopters all working to build an ecosystem for social enterprise


Collective Agency

collectiveagencyCollective Agency is in the same space as Souk (now defunkt),  a co-working space in Old Town, that was part of the Portland co-working movement.  I used to have a co-working desk at Souk from 2008-2010 and really enjoyed working with other freelancers and business owners.

In 2011, Souk closed and Collective Agency open as a cooperative workplace. It’s community mission statement is: “a cozy place to work alongside people doing work they’re passionate about and committed to, where 80% of people say hi. Come and work here!”

Some of the member perks are:

  • Big windows, lots of natural light, brick walls, wood ceilings, skylights
  • Printing and scanning stations
  • Projectors and screens, and Whiteboards
  • Herman Miller chairs, and regular desks, standing desks and sofas
  • 5,000 sq. ft. of gorgeous loft space, including:
    • four private conference rooms
    • two small private meeting rooms
    • an entry lounge
    • kitchen

The cost for a co-working space (a non-permament desk) is $250/ per month. It’s only $375/ per month for a reserved desk (a space that is yours)

Women’s Plaza

The Women’s Plaza isn’t quite open yet, it’s planning to around 2016. It’s aimed at women looking for childcare and co-working space in the same building. Can you believe this doesn’t exist in Portland yet?


Glaucia Martin-Porath, a native from Brazil, conceived Women’s Plaza, a unique coworking space where mothers can work, enjoy social and career support, access wellness services and have affordable childcare, all under one roof. Her team’s mission is to establish a resource rich community that nurtures, supports, fulfills and empowers working mothers and their children on a daily basis. They are still establishing their location and their membership.

Here’s some of the potential benefits:

* Co-working and shared office space. Perfect for freelancers, remote employees and entrepreneurs.
* Childcare center on premises.
* Social and Professional support.
* Wellness and fitness practitioners on site. You won’t have to forgo the things that keep you healthy and energized.
* Catered meals available. Sit down in our communal kitchen or take something home for dinner.

As as you discover what type of co-working environment works for you,  be sure to take care of your website and email markeing needs you needs.  We offer creative, unique solutions for the busy working woman entrepreneur.  Book a time w/us!

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