One powerful tool that helps me be a business superhero

I know many of you just want to groan at the mention of passwords. It’s one of those things that has grown and become this beast we all have to manage at some point. As someone who has to manage lots of passwords, probably 300+, I need a safe way to manage them and reassure clients that they are safe. Having various accounts, I wanted to know how easy it would be to find the password I wanted immediately. Yes, I know some of you like the old fashioned way to writing them down in a notebook or keeping them on a note on your computer. What happens if someone gets a hold of that list, there’s a lot of damage they could do.

What helps me sleep at night is this amazing tool called LastPass.


Imagine a safe place to store all of your passwords and only having 1 password to remember (and even if  you forgot this main password, there’s safeguards to help restore everything. Only 1 password, that’s grand right?

Here’s some of my favorite features:

  • LastPass is free, you only pay to use the service on your smart phone, which is $12/yearly
  • You can share passwords with your colleagues, employees, clients, and even your spouse if they have a LastPass account. It’s a safe way to share passwords because the LastPass cloud software it encrypted (which means secured). I’ve been able to share passwords and the receiver could use the access key I provided them for LastPass. The receiver never saw my password!
  • Create new passwords when you are setting up a new login to a service or account. You can then easily save that password, along with your username, and the URL of the site where you just logged into. You don’t have to enter anything.

LastPass Blue Deer Forest





  • It provide a two-factor identification (if you have a Google email account, you are probably using this, which means you need a secondary proof to access your account, such as a code texted to your smartphone.
  • LassPass even offers credit monitoring and will email you when your credit report changes. I highly recommend that you use a service to monitor your credit. For example, I didn’t switch over some student loans when we moved from one house to another, then had a baby, forgetting to let the loan folks that I changed addresses. Since I wasn’t receiving any invoices for my student loan, you can imagine how ugly that got after not paying for over a year. Credit monitoring would have stopped that nasty scene from happening!

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