5 Ways to Get Your Website off Your To-Do List

by Kat Rice

Have you been saying, for over a year, that your business needs a website and you aren’t sure where to start? Just like any project, a website can seem overwhelming at first, but through some suggestions and a little time and strategy, it can happen. Check out the tips below:


1. Write out what you want to accomplish with your website

Remember in middle school when your teacher always made you outline or chart plans for your essays? Use that simple process as your starting point. You probably have many ideas and concepts for your website floating around. Write it down and then map it out. Use a tool like Evernote to capture them, either through writing or recording your voice.


Once you’ve captured your ideas, use them to help chart out each page of website, starting with the home page. Ask yourself for each page:


  • What action do you want your clients to take?
  • What do I want to teach my clients?

Having a clear idea on paper (or a word document) helps to solidify your plan. If you’re still lost on how to do this, subscribe to our newsletter below for more info on getting help with your website.


2. Define your online presence and your target audience

 Draft a mission statement specifically for the website.


For example, if you have a website where you are coaching runners in a fun and uplifting direction, make sure to keep that tone through the content and images of your website. Keep asking yourself, who is the audience for your website? If you were a running coach, it would be people who want to get fit and need support and help and within a certain age range. The website would be targeted to specific genders, age groups (such as 25-50),  who want to get in shape and have fun running. Break down as many specifics about your targeted audience as possible.

3. Choose a web designer

  Having someone you trust  is important to choosing the right web designer. We just submitted a checklist on finding the right web designer a few weeks ago, a great guide to help you out.


4.  Choose a theme

Choosing a WordPress theme that matches your branding is critical, there’s themes that specialize in mobile marketing, e-commerce, and more. It can be overwhelming to choose one. Here’s handy-dandy guide to help you find the perfect theme.


5. Launch the site

Ready to move forward? Leave the details to us. We would love to help you with your website, here’s a questionnaire to help you get started.

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