One easy way to make your WordPress website stand out

In January we gave you a list of the the newest trends in WordPress themes. This month we want to zoom in one one of those trends: typeface. Why typeface? Because the font on your website can make or break the design. No one wants to read anything written in Comic Sans, but Helvetica might be playing it too safe. Where is the middle ground between wacky and stodgy? How do you choose a font that looks professional but also makes your brand stand out from the crowd? The answer is web type-kits.

 Web type-kits are new fonts developed by modern designers. These fonts are often slight variations on tried-and true type-faces. The look is polished, but the slant in style is all you need catch your clients’ eye.

 In 2015 it has never been easier to find, acquire, and install custom fonts. In fact, many online businesses are offering free font faces. Let’s take a look at some of these sites:

Google Fonts: Easy to set-up, Google Fonts stores the font-face in their servers. This means you don’t have to download anything, upload anything or jump through any hoops. Simply choose the font you want, click “add to collection,” click “use,” and Google provides you with a code to embed on your webpage. Google does everything for you, and what it can’t do, it outlines. If you have WordPress, you can use the WP Google Font plugin for even easier installation. Did I mention it’s free?



The Fell Types: The Fell Types is a font revival project. They digitize old printing-press font-faces. Think of the photocopies of Benjamin Franklin’s Almanac from your 8th grade history book. Their type-kits are free with a suggested donation. We suggest giving a few dollars to help fund their project so they can keep converting vintage typefaces.




Font Squirrel: This site hand picks and compiles free fonts from all over the web. No need to scroll through hundreds of expensive fonts looking for the few free ones. Font Squirrel has done the work already. We’ve used some fonts from Font Squirrel in customer’s websites with good results.



Font Fabric:  Font Fabric offers free and low-priced fonts for commercial use. Often they will give away one style of a given typeface and then bundle 35 variations on that font for a couple hundred dollars. Luckily, they have many great sales. As I write this many of their fonts are 90% off.



Use Any Font: This WordPress plugin makes font installation easy. It requires no coding skills whatsoever. All you need are a WordPress site, a server, and the font files of your choice.





This list is quite limited. A quick Google search will show you there are tons of typeface resources. But if you still need help choosing and installing your fonts, we can do it for you! Check out our Website Maintenance Packages for more details.

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