Blue Deer Forest has a brand new responsive website

I’m delighted to announce that we have a brand new website. Building a website as a web design firm isn’t easy. It’s much easier to create a website for a client! Luckily my team was able to offer great recommendations on themes, photos, content, and more.

Here are a few things I love about our new site:

1) Our new focus on Non-Profits. The non-profit clients we’ve worked with over the last year have helped us realized how perfectly matched Blue Deer is to partner with and serve this sector such as Harrington Family Foundation and Washington Spa Alliance. We’ve created a special section of our new site highlighting our work with NonProfits, including our services and the wonderful partners we’ve served already. Many of our clients have on-going needs such as updating their website with press releases, conference info, fundraiser info, and email blasts. We’ve also helped these non-profits solve problems such as saving money on their web hosting, best tactics for their email newsletters, and how to manage their membership payments. We’re so excited to keep learning and growing with the nonprofit sector, and are excited to partner with more organizations that have parallel visions and values for equitable business.

2) Simplicity and mobile-responsiveness. Our new website’s strength is its simplicity and mobile readiness. When choosing a theme for our new site, we knew had to showcase the content and make it shine. There’s a lot of more modern themes that have fancy animations and graphics, but at the end of day, we believe most folks want simply displayed information that is readable on every device.

3) Our Portfolio. The Portfolio is super slick! Users can filter between our small business and non-profit clients. If you click on a portfolio piece, you can see a close up photo of their site, a testimonial or summary of the web design project, a link to the site, and a list of services. It’s the best presentation of any portfolio we’ve ever had.

4) Organization and accessibility. Our new site beautifully demonstrates our web design process and answers our most common questions in the FAQs. I’ve already seen this helping prospective clients and current partners. Spelling out exactly how each step is laid out and setting expectations really helps clients, such as yourselves, feel confident working with us.

5) Highlighting our strengths. I love getting to showcase the team behind the scenes of Blue Deer Forest. My team includes our excellent programmer, Jefferson Powers, and a talented Client Care Specialist, Erin Likins. Additionally, I have partners such as Mike Allen, a copywriter, Sara Santa, a specialist programmer and Jessica Hecox, a graphic designer. We also get support from Casey Twining, a business organizer who helped me start using a project management tool with my team that hugely improved our performance and efficiency.

6) Concision. Finally, our business only has ONE website! Since 2010, Blue Deer operated on two different websites: and Not only was it confusing to know which one to go to, they overlapped in services and clients represented in the portfolio. With the new website, we’re all on the same page. Welcome to the new

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