From Arduous to Automated: Membership Solutions for Organizations

woman-typing-writing-windowsManaging memberships can be challenging for organizations. From member payments, to annual renewal dates, to managing access and portal control, tracking all the different aspects can feel like a magic trick!

Over the past few months, we’ve helped a few our clients tackle these challenges. One of our clients is a large alliance of businesses in the spa industry. Their annual events include a large Symposium, featuring special offers and messaging to share with members. This organization needs to easily manage their members and make it simple for future members to join.

When I first started working with them, they were using Paypal as a payment method for renewal and for new members to purchase their membership. After payment, a board member had organize members who paid, what type of membership, the business they were associated with, and other pieces of data. That data usually becomes a large Excel Spreadsheet or a document that’s challenging when every 1-2 years, a new board member takes on this responsibility.

There’s a lot of room for error.

Blue Deer Forest stepped in at just the right time to simplify and streamline this process. Because our clients use WordPress, we were able to offer a membership management software tool that integrates directly with an existing website. Support from BDF enabled this alliance to:

  • Continue use of their existing payment portal (PayPal), which their members were familiar with, credentialed for, and actively using
  • Offer multiple levels of memberships, including memberships based on company size
  • Highlight promotional discounts on memberships
  • Organize current members in an exportable data format
  • Offer ways to set the renewal dates for recurring and specified times
  • Provide future tools such as a Members Only section, only accessible through a member’s individual login
  • Customizable Email Templates (Internally for Administration, External to Members)
  • Reporting Tools

Since we’ve installed and setup the software, the alliance membership has increased their sponsorship and regular members and streamlined their promotion materials. It’s also much easier for current members to renew their membership, resulting in more money and less hours for a board member to keep a list current the old-fashioned way.

If your organization is still struggling with these integrations, Blue Deer Forest’s Membership Management software can take you from struggling to streamlined, from arduous from automated. This long-term solution will transform how you manage your members, and improve the process for you and your members as you grow.

Let’s talk about setting up Membership Management software for your organization.

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