Demystifying WordPress: Shortcuts and tips for your Business website










Are you a business owner with a WordPress website? Does the thought of updating it or thinking about it stress you out?

Join me in this FREE online webinar and learn to some basic tips and tricks and when to ask for help, I’ll cover:

  • Why you need to invest time/money in your website – because it represents you and your work, as well as supports the cultivation of relationships with your current and potential clients and allies.
  • Get confident about working on your website – because you know how to make those basic edits and updates without fear of breaking something.
  • Be prepared about getting support with your website – because you know how to ask specifically for what you need, and when it makes sense to bring in an expert rather than take the DIY route.

Sounds like something you could use right now? Join us for this webinar (it’s free)

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