5 Ways Your Business Can Shine in 2017


Struggling to market your business? You aren’t alone, many small business owners get stuck and not sure where to stop or start. There’s so many different ways and directions to go, but – let me give you the best piece of advice. Just do something and try it out for a while. The more you get frazzled and keep your head spinning with ideas, the less likely you will have results because you aren’t focusing.
Here’s are 5 steps that can help expand your marketing. These thoughtful tips should help get you started and help you get more exposure to the clients you want!

1) Do you have a mobile website?

Responsive design is simply creating a website that will scale and display the same on different devices such as tablets, phones, and more. It’s critical that your website is built with responsive design in mind so you don’t lose customers (Close to 60% of websites are viewed on a mobile device today).
Action: Review your website and see how it displays on your phone or tablet. Is it user-friendly, can you click the buttons and navigation easily? Do images scale and fill the whole screen? Is viewing and interacting with your website an enjoyable experience?

2)  Are you scheduling your social media?

Do you plan out your social media 2-4 weeks out at a time? Having a social media schedule can make things a lot easier and more manageable. Using tools such as Canva templates to reuse for different tips/quotes, etc will speed up the process. Use different themes for each day of the week. I know many colleagues who have #ManagedMonday, #TipsTuesday, #WebsiteWednesday, #ThrowbackThursday, #Fridayquotes – whatever you do, be consistent and it will help you organize your thoughts. Since Instagram frowns on scheduling,  I love using Evernote to help me copy and paste my written content. It’s a great tool for organizing all of your social media commenting, etc.
Action:  Buffer is our favorite tool to schedule social media. It’s easy to use and helps you see months ahead of scheduling.  Buffer can repost to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Try it out today.

3) Are you attending Networking Groups?

Are you getting out of your house or office to meet other colleagues or potential clients? Facetime (in Real Life) is key to building relationships and educating folks about what you do.

Try out a few lunch or happy hour gatherings.  See if there’s 1-2 meetups that fit your schedule and you can attend on an on-going basis. Find your tribe and strike up conversations about the projects you are working on. Be sure to follow up after the conversation on LinkedIn or Townsquared or Alignable (2 new social networking platform for business owners).
Action: Use Meetup.com to see what groups are currently meeting up. Everyday new groups forming and meeting each other through this platform. If you don’t find a group you like, start your own. I did and feel free to contact me for dos/don’ts!

4) Do you have online business profiles?

What happens when someone types your business name in Google? It’s helpful to make sure you have as many online profiles as possible, it helps with SEO as well as making it easy for people to find you. Spend a little time filling out profiles (especially if they are free) such as LinkedIn, Yelp, Google, Twitter, Facebook Business page and others. Even if you don’t use a certain type of social media, it’s a good idea of you to claim that profile and have control over it.
Action: Do you have a Google verified business profile? That would be a good place to start. There’s a lot of benefits about being Google verified such as how you are displayed during online searches. Google is always changing their search patterns, but having a profile will always benefit you as a business owner.

5) Do you have Referral Partners?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get leads referred by people you know and trust? Referral partners are perfect for setting up a relationship where you can refer each other. Many industries take advantage of this. I know bakeries who work with florists, wedding planners, photographers, caterers. They come together and provide services for multiple weddings. It’s similar in my industry, web designers work with SEO, graphic designers, copywriters, and social media experts to build a website and online presence for a client. There’s so many natural allies and partners for each industry!

Action:  Reach out to someone this week who has complimentary services and make a coffee date. See if you can create natural referrals between the two of you.


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