10 amazing resources that solopreneurs need to know

Looking for some inspiration? We live in this amazing time where there’s accessible resources available in the form of podcasts, libraries, apps, and just shared knowledge from other business owners. There so many ways to run a business, it’s really mind-blowing. Also, each of the resources below are tried and true resources for me, over the span of at least 1 year, some many years. Hope you find at least a few will help how you change your business!

10 Amazing Resources below (in no particular order!)

1) I bet you are using too many tools and apps to track time, do workflows, send invoices, and more. 17hats is this amazing app that takes care of all those and more. I love the lead tracking, letting you know when you have a lead (via email). It also helps you remember where you are with clients in the workflow. It’s totally changed how I do business, try it out!

2) I’ve learned many years ago, if I don’t write something down, I don’t capture it. Most of the time, I just have my iPhone to help capture ideas/to-dos and one of the best apps I’ve used for the past 4 years is Wunderlist. You can have reoccurring reminders such as dropping off library books, send out a newsletter – the sky is the limit. Easy to adjust to your needs and simple as well.

3) You’ve heard of Tim Ferriss, but have you listened to his podcasts or read any of his books? He’s an unique person, ALWAYS looking to self-improve. I find that it rubs off on me in a good way. Pick up his book “The 4 Hour Work Week” if you haven’t read it, (that book came out about 10 years ago). Otherwise, be sure to grab “Tools of Titans”, his latest book. This book is huge, but I seriously found some amazing nuggets (tools/books/more).

Have you seen this TED talk? The 3rd most popular TED talk ever!

4) Start with Why – this is a TED talk you’ve probably seen at least once. Recently a colleague reminded me recently why Simon Sinuck’s message matter. As a business owner, we need to ask WHY we are running our business before we know HOW to operate them and WHAT we are doing.

5) I can’t believe how much I’ve learned from the podcast Breaking Down your Business with Jill & Brad. Each week I tune in while driving or running and I am amazed on the incredible “ah-ha” moments and the urge to “do what they say!” Many times I run with their advice and apply it to my business (how to hire a contractor to operations to marketing ideas). I’ve even helped out my clients using their amazing advice. Don’t miss the next episode!

6) I’ve taken a step back from using Facebook for personal use but really love the Facebook groups I’m a part of. Have you explored Facebook groups? (here’s a post to explain what they are and how to find them) – Recently, Facebook has improved Facebook groups to include group analytics and membership request filtering. In addition, they also added the ability to schedule posts and group-to-group linking.:

7) A few years ago I only used Skype to do trainings and meetings with clients. It’s was “ok” to say the least, but someone introduced me to Zoom and my whole world changed! I can now record a training with a client, easily share my screen and theirs at the same time. Also Zoom‘s streaming video doesn’t break up and I love scheduling a virtual room for my clients and I to meet in.

A timer to help you get your work done, what a crazy idea!

8) I’ve been applying the Pomodoro technique to get shit done over the past year and man, it works! I’ve learned it can take 20 min or less to get a huge task done! I set a timer for 20 min and take a 5 min break, I’m so much more productive the rest of the day!  I know colleagues who run the Pomodoro technique together and it works great for them. Next time you have a huge task looming over you, try setting a timer for 20 min and see how productive you are. (This also means turning off the smartphone and turning off email and any other distractions!)

9) Wish you had a good friend who understands the ugly days of business or when you just want to hide in the bedcovers and not show up? Check out Kristen Kalp‘s podcasts now! Not only will they inspire you, but her podcasts can provide guidelines and help you set boundaries! Kristen gives you a roadmap to help you deal with high emotions, standing out, and other challenges if you lean more introverted.

10) – You would never guess how many passwords I have to manage…..around 200-300 (including my clients). Yea that’s just a few, but it wouldn’t be possible without LastPass. LassPass is a trusted source that lets me use just one 1 password. I can access all my passwords safely on my computer or phone. It’s really easy to update passwords too!

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