12 Essential Marketing Tips for Holistic Practitioners

12 Essential Marketing Tips for Holistic PractitionersOver the last few years, Blue Deer Forest has been working with more professionals in the holistic practitioner space. We’ve built and improved websites for naturopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, etc.

We love being part of the process improve people’s lives and helping our client tell their story and be seen! What better gift to give someone, right? We consider ourselves a partner with holistic practitioners and want to provide the best service possible.

Many of the tips below can be used for any business, but I’ve included specific examples for practitioners.

Mobile, Email Newsletters, and Blogging

1) Email Newsletters – A powerful way to reach your current patients on a monthly basis. Create a list of emails with patients now and then continue to add new patients that visit your website (through an opt-in) or your office. We love MailChimp as an email newsletter service, lots of great tutorials and templates!

2) Mobile Marketing – Over 60% of your patients will be looking at your website on their tablet or phone. Don’t miss out, make sure your website is responsive. Take the test.

3) Guest Blogging– It’s a great way to get exposure as well as position yourself as an authority of a specialty. If you enjoy writing, check out this link to places that accept guest blogging for the industry.  

Directories, Photos, and FAQ

4) Holistic/Wellness Directories – Are you taking advantages of the amazing directories that allow you to list your website? HealingWaze is a local directory in the Portland/Vancouver area.

5) Powerful photos – Pictures are such a large part of website content. Hire a photographer to take photos of you with your patients and of your office in its best light. If you need stock photos for blog posts, Depositphotos is a good resource.

6) FAQ page – A friendly frequently asked questions page can really save you time. Be sure to include questions asked on a regular basis.

Intro videos, Blogging, and Social Media Planning

7) Intro Videos – Providing a intro video of who you are, your specialties, and 1-2 success stories can build a really strong connection to potential clients. Learn how to get started.

8) Blogging – Showcase your expertise and write about the latest trends in your industry. Share recipes, exercises, health tips and so much more. Blogging gives you structure to do interviews and share almost any ideas via social media. Learn to start a blog.

9) Social Media Scheduler: Schedule all of your social media pages using Buffer or Hootsuite. It’s a great way to save time and schedule and plan out your posts months at a time.

Landing pages, Instructions, and Testimonials

10) Landing page for specialties: If you have a specialty or focus such as back pain, headaches, or functional medicine, creating a simple page to attract the right audience is key.

Landing pages are very powerful ways to help opt in patients and clients and educate them as they want to try out a specific offering you have. MailChimp offers a free plan to do it:

11) Instructional videos: YouTube or Facebook Live is a great platform to create instructional videos for patients. It’s an useful way to education and share highly valued knowledge that can really help patients and build trust in you.

12) Patient Testimonials – Build trust with new patients with video or written testimonials. Video testimonials can be on your YouTube channel for more search-ability! Here’s some tip for capturing a video testimonial.

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