Smart Content Strategies for Health and Wellness Practitioners

Smart Content Strategies for Health and Wellness PractitionersWhat’s the one thing that prevents a website from being completed and launched? Content! I’ve seen many clients be freaked out and stressed out getting their content to me. Many don’t have a content strategy and haven’t hired a professional to help them. Some have delayed for months or years on getting us content to complete their website, I’m not kidding. I’m realizing that it’s a big deal and probably feels similar to me getting my tax info together and how painful that can feel, ugh. I’ll put it off to the last minute, forget things, have technical trouble and really have physical stress about it.

Here’s a list of 4 vital content items a health practitioner should have on their website and a tip on how to achieve it!

1) Call to action

You can have a lot of words, saying what you do, the pain you solve, your history and more. However, if you don’t tell your patient how to make an appointment with you or sign up for your newsletter, you are missing out. A call to action can simply be a button placed on a webpage that makes it easy for patients on any device to take an action. Here’s the most common actions you would want to happen:

  • Fill out a form before an appointment
  • Make an appointment
  • Sign up for a newsletter

Tip: Buttons like these are great to use and are easier to push for patients on any device, you can start with a simple hyperlink. You simply state the action you want the patient to do on each page, one action per page is fine. For example, if you are a physical therapist and you want someone to set up a free consultation with you, create a link “Schedule Now” and that links to your online booking or contact page

2) An Authoritative About page

It’s vital to make sure your patients know that you are qualified to treat them. Your About page is the best place to showcase that. Refer to yourself as a practitioner that is trusted and back this up with supportive evidence. That can include mentioning what you specialize in, any trainings or certifications you’ve done. Be able to speak on your experience in your industry and this information can carry over into your services pages as well.

Tip: Look at other colleagues page you respect and trust and see how they’ve set up their about page. Usually 2-3 paragraphs is enough. Be sure to talk about the school(s) you’ve attended, any awards or certifications, and what your specialty is. 

3) Quality content about your client

It’s a journey for your patient to find and trust someone like you to help them. It’s a very long process that involves research and time.  The more you can describe the following, the better your patients can relate with you. It’s good to have content about you, but it’s important to identify that you “get” them and help them through their pain/challenges.

  • their problem(s) and challenges they face
  • your intake process
  • treatments and protocols to expect
  • length of time
  • results

Tip: Ask previous patients on how working with you achieved their results, what parts of your process impacted them, what surprised them while you were helping them, and other questions to help capture patient’s own words around helping them.

4) Strong images

Images have a strong impression on patients and you have less than 5 seconds to grab them. The best scenario is hiring a photographer to take photos of your space/clinic/office. Have the photographer capture you with a patient, and  the environment of where you work. If you can’t do that, you can temporarily use royalty free photography and stock photography to capture the feeling of being in your office. It is vital to have a good image of you, that is current and builds trust with clients.

Tip: Think about the emotions you want to convey when your client visits your site? Do you want them to feel calm and relaxed? Applying the theme of nature is usually a great place to start. Nature can be a great way to make your website look professional, yet warm and inviting.

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