Build a Website in a Day Course is Live!

I am so excited! I just launched my online course – Build Your Workshop in a Day!! 

Give yourself the gift of time and money!

Did you know… ? The average web design project:

  • Takes 2-6 months to launch from start to finish
  • Costs $3000+

As a key tool for your business, a solid website:

  • Keeps your “office door” open online 24/7
  • Builds relationships, converting a cold market to a warm market, and
  • Brings business in the door while you sleep

This online course will eliminate all the guesswork when it comes to website building. You won’t have to understand HTML, or watch endless YouTube videos on how WordPress works. No longer will you have to work with contractors who always go over on budget and can’t keep timelines. Costs from doing this can range from $3,000 to $10,000.

This training is truly invaluable for you to save time, and save money, and learn from all my years of experience, and learn the exact steps to launching your website. I will show you the right way to build a website, and give you step by step instructions on every part of the process.

What you can expect after taking this online class: 

1. How to update your WordPress website with confidence
2. Understand how and where to source images
3. What’s blogging and how to do it right!
4. Understand how to use and choose plugins
5. Learn how to choose a WordPress theme
6. Keep your WordPress website secure!


When you sign up for “Build Your Website in a Day”, you also get some amazing bonuses to help you make sure you are learning and doing the right thing on your WordPress site.

This could really happen for you, you can build a website in a day! (or four hours!) 

Click here to learn more about “Build Your Website in a Day”

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