How transformation and changing my brand/name began: Part 1

I knew that I needed to change things up in my business around early 2018. It wasn’t going the right direction. It started with web hosting, it wasn’t a service I wanted to offer anymore. I had made a plan to migrate all 34 of my web hosting clients and move them from my server to SiteGround or another web hosting provider. 

Once I started making the movement to close down the web hosting part of the business, space opened up that didn’t exist before. I felt calmer and clearer and knew I needed guidance to get to the other side, where I could align my business and streamline even more.

Hiring an expert

After many interviews and research in the summer of 2018, I hired a business and marketing coach to help me re-align my business. This was a big step! I had been reading books that kept saying “Hire an expert, hire a business coach to help you up-level your business.” I was also hearing this from colleagues who were steps ahead of me so I was excited to feel on much more solid grounding.

As I worked with my coach, I learned that I wasn’t focusing on the clients I wanted to serve and needed to do some research and interviews. That was a great, interesting process and I really enjoyed the outcome. I highluy recommend it as a process to save time and learn a lot before throwing marketing effort into the “hopes” that something would work.

Changing the business name

I had considered to changing my business name in early 2018, especially since I was going to be changing my target market. One day when I was speaking with my coach, she asked me if I considered changing my business name and it was then that I knew. Yep, that would be part of my transformation. I began shifting energy into – What would my new business name be?

How would I go about creating a new business name? This was a large task, so many of my clients do all the time. We meet with them and they are in a very vulnerable state, many times they have created a new business and invested in someone to do their branding (creating a logo, fonts, colors) and a website. I was exactly going to be in my client’s shoes. And man, did that feel uncomfortable. 

At least I had done my homework and knew my focus/niche. Over the past two years, my business had a lot of success working with different law focused businesses to build their online presence. After many interviews with lawyers, clients, and other experts, it became obvious that my new clients would be professionals and the law industry would be one of the min focuses. Now I had the responsibility to create a brand and see if it’s the right fit. 

Stay tuned of how I discovered my new business name….

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