WordPress Monthly Security Maintenance Plan

Take your website from “out of sight, out of mind” to “out of sight, peace of mind!”

Working with Nedra and Blue Deer Forest to keep my WordPress site safe and secure has been worth every penny. In the past (while I was with other companies) I have had my site hacked, had plug-ins create nightmares, and have gotten locked out of my site — and none of it was discovered until I accidentally stumbled upon an issue. Website security may seem trivial, but after the problems I have had when I was with other companies, it gives me great peace of mind to know that the team at Blue Deer Forest is keeping my site up and running. – Erin Fellenz Brockmeyer, LAc, Solstice Natural Health Co.

As a business tool, websites are probably the most neglected.

Oh sure, you have the website you wanted. The kind of website that takes some investment and resources — time and money!

And now you have a site that not only looks good, but performs well — perfectly in line with the functionality only offered by WordPress.

Check that off your business bucket list! And then what…? Do you have the maintenance plan?

61% of infected WordPress sites are out of date. (Source: Sucuri)

Without a dedicated maintenance plan, it becomes a chore. And unlike the flashing light to warn you of maintenance needed for your car, it becomes a case of “out of sight, out of mind.”

Most us are not manually crawling through our websites, looking for the details that need attention. And if you don’t see it, you forget it’s there. And you certainly forget that the care and attention your website needs goes hand in hand with the speed of the internet.

Like a gym habit, or New Year’s resolution, good intentions run high. You might start out paying great attention to your website, but you’re no tech.

And so, nearly half of WordPress plugins have not been updated in over 2 years. (source: Wordfence) 

I have been a customer of the Blue Deer Forest WordPress Maintenance/Security plan for a few years now and I genuinely appreciate the peace of mind, ease and affordability it has offered. Honestly, I don’t have to think too much about my website so I can attend to my business without worry or hassle! – Jody H. Thomas, The Sync Tank

That’s because websites are often seen to be a static, cloud-based floating entity. It just hangs out in the interwebs, for people to read, see, and learn about your business.

You might be thinking “There’s nothing vulnerable about my website. I’m not collecting sensitive data. (Well, not a lot!) And surely I’m small potatoes compared to other, bigger, more hack-worthy websites?”

Everything looks good, so you think it is.

In the meantime, plugins are cancelling each other out, your website is acting funny, with slow load times and odd errors.

All of a sudden, your website is not looking so good — to search engines or people.

The good news is that most of this can be prevented or easily fixed (when being monitored). Here at Blue Deer Forest, we recognize what unusual activity looks like because we know what a healthy, functioning website looks like.

The bad news is that by the time a non-tech realizes what’s going on, it’s often too late to fix or repair before it becomes a real pain for the business.

Without regular monitoring, business owners don’t even know how long the problem has existed. It could be something as simple as the contact form not working and preventing people from getting in touch with you. Or search engines might detect security issues during a routine check and subsequently block your site from search engines.

Again, the good news is that we have the tech eyes to keep your website running like a well-oiled machine. Prevention really is the best cure!

Peace of mind image;——->

Here’s what your peace of mind looks like with our security plan:

  • WordPress Core updates
  • Regular checks and installation of the newest framework and security releases
  • Regular plugin updates, with replacement as needed
  • Multiple backups, allowing your website to be fully restored as needed
  • Additional security and monitoring to block hackers and malicious code
  • Regular scans to fix any/all broken links on pages

Our security plan is $50/month**

(**E-commerce and membership websites cost $100/mo)

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